Client Testimonials

Read client testimonials to find out how they lost weight without dieting and why this is the programme for you.  Contact me here to sign up now.

'If you do what you have always done you then will get what you have always got!
I have heard those words a thousand times over my life, never did they apply to me more then when Elaine said them to me. Having been overweight my whole life and having done numerous diets some with some success but none ever successful, I promised myself that in 2010 I would no longer diet but would work out my issues with food from the head down, as I felt that for too many years I had tried to loose weight just by concentrating on my body and not doing any work on my mind and thought processes. That's where Elaine comes in, I read her website with fascination and e-mailed her with a host of questions, to my surprise Elaine e-mailed me back practically straight away and really reassured me that this was the right path for me. So off I went to meet Elaine and well what can I say from the very first moment I met Elaine my life began to change, I now view food in a completely different way, in fact I don't view food at all , Food doesn't interest me, I eat only when I am hungry and I eat just what I need and no more, Have I lost weight ?? yes I have in my first two weeks I'd lost 9lbs, I am looking forward to my future so much as I can see my body change everyday and I feel so much better, I honestly feel cleaner from the inside out! Would I recommend Elaine? most definitely particularly if your ready to retrain yourbrain and are ready to feel good about yourself again.'


‘As a veteran of so many diets that I felt qualified to write an encyclopaedia on the subject, and then finding myself heavier than ever, I just didn’t see how I was ever going to lose the 5 stone that I realistically recognise I need to do. So when I contacted Elaine, found out that her practice was local to me I just knew it was the answer for me. Everything she said confirmed that this was the system that could work for me, if I was prepared to change my life. It’s been amazing, I’ve lost 2 stone already and know that the rest will gradually go too. I listen to the CD Elaine gave me most days, but it really doesn’t seem a diet at all, I just have a different relationship with food now, it doesn’t rule my life, yet I still enjoy my meals. And some of the suggestions she gave me apply equally to other areas of my life too, so generally I’m feeling more confident and optimistic, and even enjoying exercise too! Elaine keeps in touch so I still have support and I really can’t praise this system enough.’


A before and after of one of my clients - he sent these photos to me because he was so happy and amazed at the results he achieved after a short time. Now it's your turn!

After meeting Elaine there was no hesitation in my mind that this particular method of dieting was for me. My problem in the past was that I loved food and as a consequence ate too much. I have stopped eating diary foods and bread - these have been substituted with soya milk and gluten free bread and I have never felt better. My only regret is that I did not discover Elaine 20 years ago.


‘I had tried sessions for weight loss previously with no success. I really needed to lose weight and decided to give this a go before considering surgery.
When I first spoke to Elaine on the phone, she was so lovely and really put my mind at ease, so I booked in for the next week.

Elaine spent hours with me finding out about my eating habits and feelings towards food and I felt very relaxed with her and felt she really understood me at the end of the session. Having said that, I didnt expect my eating habits to change straight after that - but they did! I felt so motivated to reduce my portion sizes, to excercise more, to cut out some foods and to really change my habits forever. By the time I went back for my following sessions, I was losing weight and feeling fantastic and the feeling just increased and continues to do so. Not only have I lost nearly 4 stone so far, but I feel like a different person and everyone has noticed all the positive differences. I cant recommend Elaine highly enough, she has genuinely changed my life and most probably extended it as now I always take the healthy and appropriate options and continue to feel better everyday!’


Elaine has a wonderful, friendly and approachable manner and from the first time I met her, I felt that we became friends.

It has been so easy to lose weight and to keep it off – I cannot recommend it strongly enough. It could be one of your ‘best kept secrets’ – it is certainly mine!

Jane, Surrey