Love Food and Lose Weight without Dieting Course


Six weeks to a Healthy, Happy, New You!

This course is suitable for anyone who has ever been on a diet, anyone who has put the weight, plus more, back on after a diet. Anyone who has a difficult relationship with food. You know that eating food that is unrefined and as close to basic as possible will allow the pounds to fall off and you’ll feel great. So why would you eat processed food that is full of sugar, salt and fat rather than a choosing a healthy option that probably tastes better? Because you’ve got used to the sugar, salt and fat and think that you like it.


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In this six week no diet course you'll find everything you need to change the way you eat and the way you think about eating forever. You can look forward to never dieting again, to enjoy the food you eat and to love looking in the mirror. We are going to work together so that you can see why, despite dieting, you have put on more weight, or have been unable to lose excess weight.

Do you want to:

√ never go on a diet again?

√ have everything you need to get the body you want forever?

√ feel liberated from old thinking and habits around food?

√ see how you have been innocently sabotaging your past efforts to lose weight?

√ learn simple tips to help you see food and yourself differently?

√ how to cook simple, delicious meals that keep you happy and healthy

√ effortlessly lose excess weight that you've been carrying around

I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life on a diet or avoiding your ‘favourite’ foods. I want you to have the freedom to eat in a way that makes you feel fabulous and healthy. When you start to eat differently you start to crave different food. There is no magic wand or pill to melt the fat away. The magic is inside you and I’m going to help you to remember this.


In this six week course you will enjoy .....


Six weeks of daily tips

that help you see yourself

and your eating patterns differently


Weekly chapters that explain

why you're eating the way you are

and what's in the food that means

you're getting fatter


Daily recipes of healthy, nutritious,

food that keeps you

healthy and happy

And there's more ....... you also get bonuses

When you finish this course, you’ll have practical tools that you can use forever, tools that will become a natural part of your daily life and that you won’t even think about. You’ll also have the body you want.