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Would you like to Love food and Lose Weight without Dieting?



Well, you can.  What I am proposing is a new way to lose weight, eating the kinds of foods that your body loves and that keep you happy and healthy. Using my approach, you will have the body you want easily and effortlessly and much sooner than you thought possible.  This approach will change the way you think about food and your weight.

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What is my approach and why is it different?

The difference is that there is a common misunderstanding that we all, innocently, fall in to which is that the answer to our problems with food will be found outside of us.  We look outside for a way to lose weight and a reliance on prescriptive diets takes us away from our own wisdom as we think the answer is in the diet rather than in ourselves.  My programme points you towards the view that the answer to any of our problems can only come from inside of us.

Attempting to feel better by eating is a coping mechanism that may, once or twice, bring relief.  But, learning how to feel better naturally without resorting to outside solutions makes life so much better than just coping.  I will remind you that you have the magic in you.  Always remember, you have free will.  Life isn’t happening to you.  The more you realise that external situations, food or circumstances have no power over you, the more freedom you have.

Is this programme for you?

Do you think that you'll never lose weight?

Do you comfort eat when you are unhappy, alone, bored or stressed? Together we will identify the triggers you have that cause you to eat foods that are high in calories and bad for your body and eliminate these triggers forever.

Are you fed up feeling you have to deprive yourself of food?  Learn why you don't need willpower.

Are you fed up with the cycle of dieting and depriving yourself only to find that after a short time the weight piles back on? Learn why this happens and how to avoid this cycle.

Do you find yourself thinking about food all the time except when you are actually eating?  Learn how to be present to your food and recognise the signals your body is giving you to tell you when you are full.

There are so many ways that manufacturers trick us in to buying food that piles on the weight, even when we think that we're being careful and checking the calories in a product.  But, apart from calories, sugar and carbohydrates, how many of us check the rest of the ingredients on the label?  Watch this video to find out why we should, for health reasons and to lose weight.  There are 42 video tips like this in the, 'Love Food and Lose Weight without Dieting' online course.



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